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Trong Hieu and his 1-year journey of transitioning to a vegetarian diet


Recently on his Facebook page, singer Trong Hieu drew admiration from netizens by sharing photos of his results after a year of vegetarianism. Besides jogging, participating in sports helps maintain fitness and a toned physique.

Sharing his experience of transitioning to a vegetarian diet from September last year to the present, this male singer stated:

“To begin with, I am a vegetarian in order to support environmental conservation. Because I believe that the animal farming and slaughtering industries contribute a significant quantity of CO2 to the atmosphere.

At first, I had dizziness due to my body’s becoming used to this change. However, after I’ve adapted and learned how to correctly change my diet, I notice that my health improves, that I feel more at ease immersed in nature, and that I have a greater appreciation for life.”

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Trong Hieu is a Vietnamese-German singer who was born in 1992. He won the first prize in Vietnam Idol 2015 due to his musical ability and passion. Apart from his talent for singing, composing, and dancing with finesse, Trong Hieu is also renowned as a confident male vocalist with an attractive look who constantly radiates positive energy.

Source: Trọng Hiếu’s Facebook

Trong Hieu stated that he has fully eliminated meat and fish from his daily diet and has replaced them with a range of vegetables, eggs, and dairy.

When asked how he ensured his body had enough protein, he stated that he supplemented with ample protein sources such as beans, mushrooms, and almonds.

He thinks that in order to be a healthy vegetarian, each person must understand what they are eating in order to ensure that their bodies receive the whole range of nutrients in the proper amounts.

“To make the most of a plant-based diet, you should eat a variety of grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and vegetables every day.” – explains Jerlyn Jones, R.D.N., L.D., an Atlanta-based dietitian.

According to a published study on Healthline, a small 1-ounce (28 to 30 gram) serving of various nuts and seeds offers roughly 4 to 9 grams of protein. Soy foods offer 4 to 20 grams of protein per serving.

Additionally, soy and pea milk are among the most naturally protein-rich nondairy milks, packing 6 to 8 grams per cup (240 ml). Incorporating more whole grains, fruits and veggies into your diet is an excellent choice to supplement your protein intake. Spelt, teff, amaranth, and quinoa are all particularly high in protein.

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Trong Hieu established that he had no intention of abandoning his vegetarian lifestyle in the foreseeable future.

Source: Trọng Hiếu’s Facebook

In addition to diet, the male vocalist engages in healthy physical activities such as running, gym, and dance practice to maintain his current results. He makes a point of rising early and exercising for 5 kilometers each day to maintain his fitness.

Additionally, Trong Hieu performs workouts such as pull-ups, crunches, and push-ups. With his current diet, he is still capable of doing well in his profession, which includes dancing, singing, and sports.

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Trong Hieu recently participated in the HCMC Marathon 2021, achieving a remarkable 1:56:16 for the half-marathon distance of 21 kilometers.

Source: Trọng Hiếu’s Facebook

Trong Hieu is a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which is a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy products, according to Healthline – a health website. They have been studied in order to ascertain which supplements offer the best protection against gastrointestinal cancer.

Due to its high fiber content and low calorie count, the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet can help you maintain a healthy weight or aid in weight loss by improving feelings of fullness and reducing overeating.

Indeed, there is evidence that a vegetarian diet is advantageous for avoiding and correcting obesity and related diseases.

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Trong Hieu achieves a desirable state of health and body composition by combining a balanced, adequate vegetarian diet with a regular fitness routine.

Source: Trọng Hiếu’s Facebook

According to an EPIC-Oxford cohort study, vegetarians had a lower BMI than omnivores. A higher BMI is connected with a high protein intake and a low fiber intake, suggesting that a fiber-rich plant-based diet may be advantageous for weight loss.

Additionally, a vegetarian diet in general has numerous health benefits, including the capacity to lower blood cholesterol, lower the risk of cancer, prevent type 2 diabetes, and improve bone health, etc.

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Source: Trọng Hiếu’s Facebook

After reviewing Trong Hieu’s one-year journey of transitioning to a vegetarian diet and the practical benefits of this healthy vegetarian habit, would you like to experience this healthy diet?

International Vegetarian Union


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